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This way, the cowboy from Frontierland can easily walk underground to avoid being spotted by guests in other lands. Like Disneyland, Disney World uses forced perspective to make the buildings around you look bigger than they really are.

The Beast's castle in the new section of Fantasyland uses a similar technique. Even though Liberty Square and Fantasyland are right next door to each other, thanks to some well-placed foliage and other distractions, you won't be able to see or hear one themed land if you're standing in a different one.

This gives the illusion that you're really exploring different worlds instead of one connected theme park. For instance, even when you're flying high above Fantasyland on the Dumbo ride, it's hard to catch a glimpse of the neighboring Tomorrowland just a few feet away. To adults, the statue of Cinderella in Fantasyland might appear melancholy.

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You have probably spent many Disney vacations spotting hidden Mickeys throughout Disney World, but have you ever seen a hidden Donald? Since this Magic Kingdom land is set in the colonial era, there are no bathrooms as you can see in this map , just like the real 18th century America. Even though both of Liberty Square's restaurants — Liberty Tree Tavern and Columbia Harbor House — have modern restrooms, they are technically set far back enough that they are no longer in Liberty Square. Keep an eye out for the red robot and claw in the first room.

These surprise targets are worth , points each, and you can keep shooting them to keep your score high. When the park is mostly empty, Cinderella's Castle lights up for the last time of the evening while "When You Wish Upon a Star" plays in the background.

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The same "kiss good night" message is played over the loudspeakers every night before the final guests exit the park:. We hope your magical journey with us has created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. There are many rules that Disney theme parks cast members have to follow, but two of the most important in guest relations are that you should never point with one finger or answer a guest question with "I don't know.

River Country was Disney World's first water park that operated from to until it closed for unknown reasons.

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But Disney never tore down the water park, and the island in the middle of Bay Lake has been abandoned ever since. In a photo series called "Dismaland," you can see vines and moss slowly taking over the decaying slides and attractions inside what used to be River Country. If you make a right turn under the Monorail just before entering Magic Kingdom, you'll come across a strip of pavement that used to be Disney World's first and only airport on park property.

The runway was built in just before Disney World officially opened, and was only in use for a year or two by Shawnee Airlines until it was shut down. The area is now used as backstage parking. Check out a video of the abandoned runway in person here. Today, Epcot may be one of four major theme parks in Disney World, but it was originally supposed to be a futuristic neighborhood where people could work, live, and play. At least, that's how Walt Disney envisioned it. Known as "Project X," Walt's original plans for Epcot the "Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow" included a citywide monorail system, a climate-controlled city center, and a community open to "the new and emerging technologies of the future," as Walt explained.

Although these ambitious plans for Epcot were abandoned after Walt's death, you can still find a model of the original Epcot's Progress City in Tomorrowland.

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The next time you're at Animal Kingdom, try and spot "Divine:" a little-known street performer camouflaged in leaves, vines, and green face paint. She blends so well into the foliage at Animal Kingdom that she's easy to miss. To make the parks cleaner, both Disneyland and Disney World have banned the sale of chewing gum in the parks.

They won't stop you from bringing in your own though. As the story goes, Walt used to watch how long a guest would hold onto a piece of trash in his or her hand before dropping it on the ground.

The average count was 30 steps, so that's exactly how far apart the trash cans are placed in all Disney parks. Joanna Fantozzi. There is a secret suite inside Cinderella's Castle that's only open to contest winners and special guests. Disney chooses a "family of the day" to open Magic Kingdom every morning. Phan was reunited Saturday with the baby she gaves birth to while in custody.

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The Biodiversity Strategy describes a vision of the city as a rich urban ecosystem that supports a huge diversity of plants and animals. The plan acknowledges a greener, wilder city makes for healthier residents, and boosting biodiversity is key to withstanding pressures of climate change. Police say it includes everything from sports memorabilia, coins, stamp collections, and video games to tools, jewelry, posters, comic book collections and boxed model cars. City staff originally rejected the call for a traffic light, leading Father Xavier De Pinto and a busload of congregants to pack a community council meeting and call for change.

Two male suspects were seen fleeing the area. Coming to Canada was a dream that meant the family could finally be together. That dream ended on the factory floor. Multiple complaints have been made against events-company the Hive over bans or threatened bans. On its PuppyYoga. Riding through B. The woman seemed embarrassed when rescuers chastised the hikers who left her and failed to call for help. The year-old Ottawa academic is asking the Federal Court of Canada to hear his plea for a replacement certificate after waiting 15 months for government officials to issue one.

So far during the campaign, Trudeau and Scheer have marked their differences on climate change, but have offered few specifics on moving forward with the U.

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Along with more donations, increased membership and a jump in the polls, the Bloc is benefiting from another critical factor: guilt. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took the day off from campaigning and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer made a few brief stops in eastern Ontario, but unveiled no announcements, leaving Singh and May to talk policy for the day. Technology executives point to recent study that found that Canada is an international laggard when it came to scaling up private firms to the billion-dollar mark.

The study showed Canada was last among the 36 advanced economies of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Witnesses told police they heard several gunshots and saw a silver four-door sedan speeding off.

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Iraqi protesters pressed on with angry anti-government rallies in the capital and across several provinces for a fifth day Saturday, setting government offices on fire and ignoring appeals for calm from political and religious leaders. Auston Matthews scores twice in regulation, but Montreal goalie Carey Price was unbeatable when it counted late at Scotiabank Arena.

Torontonians more open to new technology and give more feedback, so often see rollouts before other cities. Us Weekly photoshops some hair onto Prince Harry and Jessica Simpson gets a tabloid Yahtzee by bragging about her weight loss in all five major U. Young music star seems genuinely grateful for his success and humble about his work. But he could have put in a bit more effort on Thursday in Toronto, writes Ben Rayner. Is the sweeping advice to reduce saturated fat — found in butter, cheese, steak — and replace it with unsaturated fat suitable for all Canadians?

Drums full of concrete and mercury were allegedly dumped decades ago in what is now a clearing surrounded by jackpine trees. The hospital and doctors deny wrongdoing. Chatham ophthalmologist Christopher Anjema, the fourth highest biller in Ontario in , was featured in a recent Star investigation into questionable physician billings.