Early Autumn

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Bill seems uncomfortable "a little frown came quickly between his eyes" to learn that Mary is living in New York now. Readers get the impression that he hasn't thought much about her in recent years and is not enthusiastic about having her back in his life in any way.

Early autumn in the garden at Saltram

Mary, on the other hand, seems to harbor affection for Bill, even though she was the one who left him and "married a man she thought she loved. She seems disappointed to learn that Bill is married.

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Finally, in the last line of the story, readers learn that her youngest child is also named Bill, which indicates the extent of her regret for ever having left him. At first, it seems obvious that Mary is the one who is in her "autumn.

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Autumn represents a time of loss, and Mary clearly feels a sense of loss as she "desperately reach[es] back into the past. The day is almost over and it's getting cold. Leaves fall inevitably from the trees, and throngs of strangers pass Bill and Mary as they talk. Hughes writes, "A great many people went past them through the park.

  • "Early Autumn" Is a Short Story of Loss;
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  • "Early Autumn" Is a Short Story of Loss.

People they didn't know. Later, as Mary boards the bus, Hughes re-emphasizes the idea that Bill is irrevocably lost to Mary, just as the falling leaves are irrevocably lost to the trees from which they have fallen. Space and people.

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  4. She lost sight of Bill. The word "early" in the title is tricky. Bill too will be old one day, even if he can't see it at this moment. If Mary is undeniably in her autumn, Bill might not even recognize that he is in his "early autumn.

    She takes him by surprise at a time in his life when he might have imagined himself immune to winter. Overall, "Early Autumn" feels sparse, like a tree nearly bare of leaves. The characters are at a loss for words, and readers can feel it. There is one moment in the story that feels noticeably different from the rest: "Suddenly the lights came on up the whole length of Fifth Avenue, chains of misty brilliance in the blue air.

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    Early Autumn

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    "Early Autumn" Is a Short Story of Loss

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