God and the Single Girl

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Book review. Priscilla Papers. Video Resource. Filter by year:. Filter by year e. The Problem: Is it really all about dating and gender stereotypes? A Response: Emphasize vocation We all know that teenagers and most people of other ages love to talk about dating and romance. We recommend asking the following: Are we intentionally or unintentionally promoting and romanticizing dating?

How can we work to encourage a more balanced perspective on life as a Christian? Is our youth group highlighting examples of single men and women who are content and living their lives for Jesus in powerful ways? Are we hosting Bible studies and events where we discuss the fundamental equality of males and females in marriage and ministry? A Response: Teach critical thinking Besides celebrating vocation, another important way to respond to these teen books is to encourage critical thinking. We also recommend equipping teens with these types of questions, allowing them to wrestle with the answers themselves: Just because we observe guys and girls acting in a certain way, is this the way it should be?

Is this honoring to God? How is what I am reading in these books influenced by culture?

  1. Sight For Sore Eyes.
  2. God's Design for Femininity;
  3. 3 reasons why God may be extending your singleness | ERLC.
  4. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
  5. 1. Sex Makes No Difference to Our Relationship with God.

How is it influenced by Scripture? How do these books encourage or discourage our call to the Great Commandment Mark —31 , and the Golden Rule Matt. Does it increase or decrease the Fruit of the Spirit Gal. Conclusion As we all work to equip the next generation for leadership, we ask that you join with CBE in prayer, that those who believe in biblical equality will take up the challenge to write books which present to teenagers the complexities of living in this world.

More action steps for parents and youth leaders Have the same expectations for both guys and girls.


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If girls are expected to volunteer in the nursery, expect this of guys as well. Emphasize high expectations for both guys and girls, which will increase respect between the sexes. For instance, instead of only teaching girls about modest dress, hold high expectations for guys, too. Teach discernment and wisdom. Or does it become a sin when I continue in thoughts and behaviors that use others for my own ends? Do not shy away from difficult questions, and teach students to welcome those questions from each other.

Encourage students to study the Bible. Many of these dating books assertively state that the Bible supports their ideas.

Treasure the God of the Universe

Join the Cause CBE advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class. The first two are, I suppose, fairly obvious though of course sad. But his main point is the shocking one that for the sake of the kingdom of God some people voluntarily endure this deprivation; they deprive themselves of this natural blessing and the fulfillment of these natural desires. His point is that though marriage is good, remaining unmarried is sometimes necessary, as it was for him.

It is unlikely that he means that only to some is given the spiritual gift of renouncing marriage, and that unless someone feels happy and comfortable with this choice, it is probably not for them. It is what a disciple does and what the world cannot do. The point is that all disciples need to make room in their thinking for the shocking possibility of not getting married, costly and painful though that would be.

To be a disciple of Jesus means to put Jesus and his gospel and his kingdom absolutely first, above all else. All unmarried disciples ought to be open to this choice, because they understand how urgent and vital is the work of the kingdom of God.

To the Single Girls: God Has Not Forgotten You

So, while we understand that sex in itself is of no significance in bringing us closer to God or taking us further from God, we also need to make space in our thinking for the costly fact that some disciples will renounce marriage for the sake of the kingdom. If people think they can serve God better unmarried, it is probably because of what Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 7. It is very important to be clear on what Paul is saying, and not saying, in his lengthy teaching about the married and unmarried states in this chapter.

We focus here only on whether or not he thinks we can serve God better unmarried. We must remember first that in verses 1—6, Paul shows himself clearly in favor of marriage and of regular sex within marriage. Paul was never an ascetic, someone who thought deprivation was good for its own sake. And he was not hostile to sex 1 Cor.

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He himself may well have been married as just about all rabbis had to be and subsequently widowed. And although he is not married now as we know from v. And in general he thinks it is for the best if men and women get married and then have regular sex within marriage. So, can I serve God better unmarried? The general answer is no: neither better nor worse, but certainly differently.

You will certainly serve God differently if you are married. God willing, you will devote your energies to the birth, growth, and godly nurture of children. And all this will take a lot out of you. There will therefore be other ways in which you will not be able to serve God, but the unmarried will. Those other ways of serving need to be done.

Jesus got up early to pray.

Some people need to do them, especially perhaps some ministries that involve endless travel, or some particular kinds of pioneering cross-cultural missionary work. And for some, therefore, it will mean the costly and painful loss of marriage, sex, and human family. We should respect and pray for those who make this choice, and those for whom this choice is made, for whatever reason. We should pray that they will exercise sexual self-control and learn contentment outside marriage, as we ask them to pray for the marrieds that we too will exercise sexual self-control within marriage and learn contentment in our marriages.

Neither is an easy option. Of course. For me, learning to value the infinite worth of Christ blossomed through trials in marriage.

To the Single Girls: God Has Not Forgotten You

As you see God increase your affection for Him, you can be sure that you are His child Rom. God never withholds what is infinitely best from His children Himself , even when He chooses not to fulfill one or more of our desires on earth.

And when our affections for Christ grow, the things of this earth, even the good things, really do pale in comparison. The questions I continue to ask myself today are also questions you can daily ask yourself as a single woman:. In our own effort we cannot and will not savor Jesus as more sweet and valuable than any other. Yet with His grace our hearts will increasingly grow in faith and rest.

You may never know why He is delaying marriage, but rest assured that as His child, God has not forsaken you!

Remember the Mystery of God

He did not spare His own Son for your ultimate good, and so He will surely give you all things that you need in this life as you follow Jesus Rom. We would love to pray for you. Are you wrestling to believe God's love for you in your singleness? Our team loves sharing quality posts to help you serve Christ to the fullest in your calling. If you have been helped or encouraged by this writer today, would you consider giving a few dollars to support the True Woman blog?

A Message From GOD to Single Women

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