Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism--True Stories That Should Be Fiction

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Michael Smerconish on The O’Reilly Factor to discuss his book, Muzzled, 2007

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Neo-Con Smerconish on new "Israel Lobby" book & danger of "anti-Semitism" charges

Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country. All of this limp-wristed worry over hurt feelings is compromising our ability to defeat radical Islam and might just get us killed. This is one of them. All of those individuals were wanted for murder at the time. And, yet, the newspaper felt compelled, within days, to apologize, after publishing the mug shots. Because all of the individuals who were then wanted for murder were people of color.

So, it was an accurate story, but the fact that there were no Caucasians caused the newspaper to say, maybe we should have rethunk the—the idea of—of running that cover. In similar fashion, down in Delaware a month ago, I saw a headline. I mean, it has gotten crazy in this country. But, also, more importantly, as far as national security goes, you also talk about the—the racial profiling, or lack thereof, when it comes to Arabs or Arab-Americans.

Talk about the most bizarre profiling that you have heard of when it comes to airport security and pulling over a passenger. And I think border control and airport security is a great example. Let me just tell you about the—the case of Claire ph and Frank Yoakum ph. They are in Phoenix, where they just have quadruplets. The quadruplets are all of two months old.

And, at the Phoenix airport, they get selected for secondary screening. The kids have to be unwrapped, tubes removed. Then goes to the University of Pennsylvania, gets a J. He goes to Bank of America, setting the world on fire. And he has got a sense of humor. Joe Scarborough, you have to get all the e-mails that I get via—you know, the jokes and so forth. We got—there are lots more stories I want to cover, like We are going to get the very latest on that. We are going to talk to Chris Matthews.

Then, we have, in addition to many others, the head of the Minutemen, the anti-immigration people who are patrolling our borders, in lieu of federal agents. He will joining us live. And next here, Hillary Clinton is used to hearing Republican criticism from—for her political work, but what about her housekeeping skills? Tonight, first lady wars—straight ahead. Well, according to a new book, first lady Laura Bush found worn and outdated furniture, frayed carpeting, and just absolutely tasteless decorations, from the Oval Office to the East Wing.

Was Hillary Clinton too busy trying to play assistant president? Or is Laura too concerned with style, instead of substance? Well, Laura Bush is very influential and immensely popular with the American public.

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But, unlike Hillary Clinton, she has always remained very quiet about the advice and power she wields in the White House. Well, this new book out by Ronald Kessler says that Laura Bush plays a much greater role in shaping White House policy and personnel than previously known. But, despite her opinion of the decor, Laura Bush never said anything critical of Hillary Clinton.

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Still, the White House did get a huge makeover when the Bushes moved in. And I can tell you, I have interviewed Mrs. Bush five times while covering the White House, and several of those times at Christmas. And, this past year, she wanted all things very natural, all fresh flowers, which many thought was a sign that they wanted a fresh start in the second term. But I must tell you, Joe, I think what is most interesting is that the Bush family decided to cooperate with the author of this book. And her friends are revealing very intimate things, like that she used fertility drugs to conceive the twins.

And here to talk about it are Antonia Felix. Now, Antonia, what is going on here.

ISBN 13: 9781595550507

It sounds like a rather petty remark to make about a first lady who had broken so many molds and really, I think, was on her way to transforming this whole role of first lady to bring it into the 21 st century, to—to modernize it, and to raise the bar very high for all first ladies to come. So, if Hillary was—was very busy trying to write some policy and really tackle head on, trying to get health care for all Americans, as she was doing, maybe she was a little bit too busy to be supervising the dusting, and, you know, watching the fraying on the carpets.

This is not a life-or-death situation.

Guide Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism--True Stories That Should Be Fiction

But the American people do care about this. And taking care of the White House and the decor and keeping it in order is basically what the first lady does. Laura Bush wanted the job. It just shows us a little bit more of the difference between the two first ladies. I also doubt very much that Laura Bush specifically sat down and made the criticism on Hillary about this.

She was merely relaying, when she did a walk-through, what she noticed. So, we might be making a mountain out of a molehill. And she, obviously, very well knows the predecessors to the Clintons, because it was her father-in-law and her mother-in-law. And, then, also, when her father-in-law was vice president, she saw the example that Nancy Reagan set. So, she pretty much is an expert, I would say, more than anybody.

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She knows what a first lady goes through. She knows what the American people expect of a first lady. And she willingly and joyfully takes on that role. And most first ladies know that.

go to link Churchgoers even fared better than those who got regular exercise. And, finally, anyone who has ever had the pleasure of dealing with a building project can relate to this next story. The plumbers union in Philadelphia is angry. The plumbers union says the urinals will require less maintenance, meaning less money for them. The developer says the urinals will save 1. Good for the environment, good for the economy, bad for the plumbers.

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