Real Estate Investors Guide: Using YouTube To Generate Leads, Flip Properties & Make Money

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Great point on being different in each market and would love to talk to you guys more on that. Yeah, his mindset on advertising and competition was fantastic. I love how he's thinking about getting the most out of all of his marketing spend listings, recycling cold leads, etc. Good stuff. Gives me a model to replicate down the road. Good luck!

Real Estate Investor's Guide: Using Facebook to Generate Leads, Flip Properties & Make Money

Thanks Sean Dolan , I'll check that out. Steve Labus Thanks for the input man! The only perspective I can show from our end at Carrot is we can see the results his own business gets from his FB ads and can track the lead quality to close. So he's closing consistent deals from FB Again a big difference is So it's critical making sure the business model has a way of turning retail sellers into revenue on the listing side otherwise it makes it harder to ROI on the volume of leads that come in.

Those retail listings for Tom help him to recapture his FB ad cost and then the flips in his market are very high margin so it enables him to spend more and go through more "non motivated" sellers and still turn a very healthy profit. Either way, good luck Steve and go crush it! We'll make sure to take that feedback about Tom and connect with others to see if it's a pattern or just an isolated thing.

Thanks for the heads up! Hey Anthony Beckemeyer! One nugget that I'd recommend is using Facebook ads for retargeting. Based on the audience that you setup in Facebook, you can retarget visitors that hit your site from different marketing channels and stay in front of them using different placements desktop, mobile, Instagram etc. It is a great way to make sure that you continue to stay in front of your warm traffic, and to get them back to your site when they are ready to convert. Facebook ads can work well with the right strategy and ad spend. The best way to approach the ads would be to get a FB business manager, then build your ad account in that, and start with lead form ads.

How to get real estate leads

Trevor Mauch , thanks for the breakdown. I know your post was more directed at Eric, but I also found it helpful. I never really understood Adwords and FB marketing and how they all work. I'm always getting postcards from Google in the mail to try Adwords and I usually just toss em out!

How to Generate Leads in Real Estate - Billy Gene is Marketing

Now , I may look closer at them. I'm trying to make a new "in" to wholesaling as of late to generate some capital. Historically, I've done rentals, flips, and the like, with my leads generated mostly the traditional way and certainly without much of an online presence. Dave Rav Yep man, Adwords and Facebook Ads definitely aren't magic bullets but when done right they're some of the most consistent lead flow we're seeing for our clients for house sellers and buyers. The key is "when done right". So many people send them to websites that don't perform well especially on mobile for Facebook Or tons of people just launch ads and don't dial them in well But our data shows a consistent growing trend in seller leads from Facebook across our platform and as Facebook improves their data and targeting more and more Trevor Mauch thanks!

Appreciate your commentary and review of online marketing, targeting, driving leads, and FB. What about just starting a FB fan page, or merely a regular FB page for your biz? We know it would be already optimized for mobile devices.. Our definition of a lead is someone who has expressed an interest to sell their house for cash.

In order to get a conversion, Google has a much higher conversion rate. A conversion is defined as someone who will sit down with you and entertain an offer.

Flipping Houses: How to Flip a House for Profit

There are a lot of factors involved that can only be converted with in-person sales skills, but that dollar amount should be about the same per conversion. If anyone knows of a company or person converting at a very high level, I would love to mastermind, and am happy to share our current strategy. If you're doing anything at that level or above, let's chat! What were your results? Thanks Trevor Mauch , Eric Sztanyo, and all.

Great information. I'm still learning. I got on here today to ask the same question, but I ran across this post first. I have been running lead ads and taking the leads to a search results page on my website, and capturing their contact info in my CRM. I was wondering a similar approach would work for finding motivated sellers? Then go to the appointment as an investor to purchase, but if the seller is unwilling or unable to sell at such a discount, then go into a listing presentation and show how I could get them more money in their pockets.

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The Comprehensive Guide for Financing Your Very First Real Estate Deal

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I get it. But trust me on this. He felt like he could barely breathe.

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What would he do if the air-conditioning unit went out or the dishwasher randomly started leaking? What if Greg lost his job?

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