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She worked in vaudeville in the late Teens and early s and eventually became a popular performer on the TOBA circuit. In she moved to Harlem where she worked in cabarets and theaters and began recording exclusively for Columbia.

Many critics consider her late 's Blues recordings to be second only to Bessie Smith's records in quality. She was billed as the Queen of the Moaners and the World's Greatest Moaner and on her early records she was frequently accompanied by Fletcher Henderson on piano and on her later records featured bands that included first rate Jazz musicians like, James P.

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Bessie and Clara were not related, but they were close personal friends until Bessie got drunk one evening in and beat up Clara. An interesting bit of trivia was that Clara gave Josephine Baker her first taste of show business in when she gave the thirteen year old Baker a job as her dresser in her touring company. They also briefly became lovers. Clara Smith continued to record until and performed live until she died of a heart attack in Detroit in All Night Blues Richard M.

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Courthouse Blues 2 Smith. Disappointed Blues Stanley S. Don't Wear It Out Hill. Empty House Blues Andy Razaf. Get On Board Lemuel Fowler. Gin Mill Blues Lemuel Fowler. How'm I Doin' Lemuel Fowler.

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Kitchen Mechanic Blues Stanley Miller. The minigames weren't incredibly fun, to be honest, and in the case of some see: the rafting minigame , fairly difficult. So, after getting my butt whipped in the minigames, I figured the main game would be a nice play to go next.

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So, upon diving in boy and his monkey go on cruise, cruise crashes, boy and monkey are shipwrecked and catching some of the cutscenes, I skipped ahead and jumped into the game. You should know some of the features this time around. For one, you now have a helper animal that can climb trees for you and do some other tasks our humanoid protagonist can't do for himself. Then you all need to do the usual Lost in Blue thing: stay fed, hydrated and try to get rescued.

This time around, your characters won't deteriorate as quickly as in the DS titles. You'll need less water and food throughout, so you won't have to maintain them as much. This, according to the Konami reps showing me the game, means that the game should be easier and more accessible.

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In the end, Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked seemed like a full, comprehensive game. Just, to me, it seemed like it was way too easy and wouldn't provide the type of experience I look for in games.

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That's not to say that there was anything that totally broke the deal for me, so for those of you that enjoy the genre and franchise, keep an eye on this one. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up.

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