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Twenty-six authors have contributed short stories and poetry to the anthology, twining history with speculation to find out what happens when suffragettes construct robots, insects spread cultural movements, women carry out the first "manned" space flights, or hair metal bands make deals with the devil.

Along the way, Retro Spec hits many of the notches on the 20th century timeline, including World War II, the 60s counterculture, Chernobyl, and the fall of the Berlin wall, testing their limits with genre elements such as alien invasion, ghosts, alternate history, and time travel. Lyn C.

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Karen A. Dayle A. Ann K. We're back in Ragnok for tales of demons and gardens with guest Chad Quandt, and we stop by the Moonbiscus Garden for moonlit battle!

Why kids can learn more from tales of fantasy than realism

Tim "Holiday Special" Jennings returns to the tavern with a follow-up to his cliffhanger from episode 6, just in time for Valentine's Day. If you haven't listened to episode 6, check it out before you hear this one! Travel to the far away land of Fungalsburgh with guests Matt Schmid and Jacquie Baker for tales of gods and mushrooms!

Join us in Burgermeister's with guest Aaron Waltke as we regal all with tales of weddings and espionage!

Grab a mug of mulled wine and meet us in The Twelfth Realm for tales of witch hunters and sirens with guest Matt Ingebretson! Tales from the Tavern Join us in the tavern for tales of fantasy! Each episode features guests from far away lands sharing legends from their own realm, along with a story from our host.

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Tales of Fantasy, Our Myths and Legends

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    Tales of the Abyss vs. Tales of Fantasy VII (English)

    Tales from the Tavern Sam Sykes 0. Fine fellow Jordan Cope attends the tavern for tales of golems, lava monsters, and farms! Tales from the Tavern Paul Ritchey 0. Travel to the lands of Ragnok and The Savage Realm for tales of doomsayers and drunken masters!