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A clerical office excludes work areas where inventory is located, products are displayed for sale, or to which the purchaser customarily brings the product from another area for payment. This classification applies to employees engaged in sales duties away from the employer's premises. It does not apply to employees who deliver merchandise. If employees walk or use public transportation, they shall be assigned to the governing classification. These are employees who perform work on or in connection with a vehicle.

This code includes garage employees and employees using bicycles as part of their work duties. Duties include, but are not limited to, delivering goods owned by the employer. Since those employees were compensated during the policy period, their information must be included for the audit. One is what you provide us in your report and the other is the Federal Form figures noted on your mail form.

Having two sources of verification ensures that the appropriate amount of payroll is applied to your audit. This confirmation validates the information provided and confirms your audit is as accurate as possible.

Otherwise, you will no longer be able to access your audit information online and will need to submit a paper copy of the mail form. In most states, a contractor is responsible for the payment of workers compensation benefits to employees of its uninsured subcontractors. As a contractor, you must furnish satisfactory evidence that any subcontractors performing work for you during the policy period have workers compensation insurance.

If the auditor does not deem the subcontractor to be independent, the subcontractor will be included in the audit as an uninsured subcontractor. Insurance audit guidelines are not the same as standard IRS guidelines.

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However, the auditor needs to determine whether an employer-employee relationship exists between you, the insured, and the subcontractor. If an employer-employee relationship exists, Liberty Mutual Insurance may be liable for any claims filed by the sole proprietor. Each state has different requirements to determine independent status.

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Therefore, the exposures are included for workers compensation premium calculation purposes. It is recommended that mandatory reporters complete the MRG on each occasion they have risk concerns, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Each circumstance is different and every child and young person is unique. Mandatory reporters can register to submit a child protection report eReport directly through this website.

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Once registered, mandatory reporters:. Mandatory reporters should register for the Reporter Community. HMM also specializes in aircraft maintenance facilities, aviation fueling systems, de-icing pads, airport tunnels, air defense projects and Integrated Airport Systems and Technologies for passenger boarding bridges and aircraft ramp services. HMM provides a full range of multi-disciplinary services including program management, planning and engineering design of airport services and facilities, assessment of land use, economic and environmental impact associated with aviation and airport developments, and management and control of airport construction.

HMM staff resource numbers some 2, in 70 offices across North America. Hi-Lite Airfield Services is committed to providing efficient, high-quality work that also meets time-sensitive maintenance schedules. Utilizing modern, technologically-advanced equipment and a team of professional, knowledgeable, highly-trained technicians; Hi-Lite Airfield Services offers competitive pricing for unsurpassed performance, making Hi-Lite Airfield Services the source for all your pavement marking and maintenance needs.

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Key Account Management - earn repeat sales. Related Services BusinessPlus Magazine. BusinessPlus is both a source of practical advice and ideas from business experts and professionals, including hard news with information on law and regulation changes that are relevant to all New Zealand businesses.

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Surveys conducted by EMA. EMA conducts regular surveys to assist our member organisations grow and develop by providing valuable information. In many cases, if the phone rings more than three times, it is too long; for the caller, boredom starts to set in.

Test out Your Listening Skills

On the other hand, people who pick up almost instantly may startle the caller. Try to find a middle ground such as picking up after the first ring, but before the second. Many people find a greeting such as "Hi, this is Jack speaking" subtly annoying, as they assume the person's name is really "Jack Speaking", or that such an automated, informal response is suggestive of someone who is not able to help them sort out a problem. A simple improvement is "Hi, this is Jack, how can I help you? Consider the tone and speed of your voice.

Again, consider what things really annoy you--it might be speaking too fast, too slowly, in a very loud or quiet voice, or someone who places too much emphasis on certain tones such voices that may be described as too "bubbly" or "bouncy" , or tones that are very flat, which suggest disinterest in the caller always a risky thing in a service center.

Find out if your staff members exhibit any of these traits by listening to their calls. You might also find almost-automated responses infuriating, as though you're talking to someone who is clearly reading from a prompt screen, like a zombie. Many perfectly good calls have been ruined by a bad ending, much like an excellent meal ruined by poor service at the cashier's desk when leaving--just one small thing that is wrong anywhere along the course of the meal can cause disappointment with regards to the whole event.

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A near-automated "Have a nice day" finale can turn people off with regards to having anything to do with your company, because if the words lack sincerity it implies the customer service contact likewise has no sincerity. Also, consider the overall length of the call. If your office usually has in-depth and complex queries that take a while on the phone to sort out, then adequate time should be given to the client.

At the other end of the spectrum, rushing a call or limiting call time can make the other person feel like they aren't important, whereas making the call much longer than necessary can also become an issue. Train for quality over quantity. Employee knowledge of their industry and product is important in the role your office plays as a consultant.

Ensure that the people who are on the phone actually know what they're talking about.