The Memory Trap (Murder Room)

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Edinburgh Academicals - Scotland's oldest club - had just finished training close to their Raeburn Place ground when they noticed wallets, money and mobile phones had been stolen from their clubhouse. One of the players spotted the culprits heading towards a getaway car and gave chase - with his giant team-mates in tow. As the police were called, the Accies' team caught the pair, surrounded the car and snatched the key from the ignition.

Captain Greg Campbell told the Edinburgh Evening News: "We got back to the clubhouse and they looked a bit suspicious. They didn't get very far. We managed to catch them at the right time. The police confirmed the two men had been detained, with inquiries ongoing. He confessed to 27 killings, but it is thought his true tally could be as high as Most of his victims were his lovers, but some were hotel guests and others were his employees. Some died by hanging, some were gased. Others were beaten to death , while some perished, medieval-style, on his stretching rack.

The bodies were dispatched via a chute and trapdoor straight to the cellar, which boasted a crematoruim, quicklime pits and acid baths. But even if they were alive their shrill screams would have been smothered by the specially soundproofed building. This killer seems to have been created in his youth. His father was a violent alcoholic and the bright boy was tortured by bullies at school.

From that point in he developed a obsessive fascination with dissection and biology and gained a medical degree from the University of Michigan in As with many serial killers, young women accounted for the majority of his victims, and he boasted a curious appeal which made them flock to him. In this case, you have a lot of young women who were travelling alone and unaccompanied for the first time from places like rural Tennessee or Kentucky to Chicago.

Apparently he had that magnetic thing that psychopaths have. He also used his persuasiveness to establish a string of bogus products, ranging from alcoholism cures to a machine that could make gas from water. His love life was particularly complex. Aside from his multiple lovers he was also a bigamist, marrying Clara Lovering in , Myrta Z. Belknap in and Georgiana Yoke, in And maintaining such a complex lifestyle required extensive funds.

Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. If anybody else wants this FAQ elsewhere, feel free, but e-mailing me letting me know first is appreciated. There will be spoilers. It also covers the mysteries of the game itself, to give you a more enriched experience.

I highly recommend you do them. That is to say, the game was designed for you to have many trial-and-errors, not for you to just rush through and complete it, and then remove the App. You should experience the game in its entirety, basically. To purchase Another Room, you must complete the game at least once, and then select the Another Room option on the main menu. Tap Buy, and you will be redirected to the App Store to complete your purchase. After the purchase is complete, return to Murder Room, press Another Room, and tap Restore to import the purchase to your game.

I reset my game when writing this, in order to explain to you everything in the game again. For those who are wondering, sound is not a requirement. There are no sound-specific puzzles or codes you need to take note of.

If you are easily scared by dark music, you can opt to disable the sound in the options menu. For those who are interested, many hints inside the game are actually different if you decide to change the language to Japanese, since the game was originally developed in Japanese for the Japanese audience. This guide is written for the English variation of the game, of course. Of course, I won't bother deliberately rushing to my demise past the first time, since it would basically just be a game over.

You're free to do so, if you want. I don't recommend it, but it's up to you. You will be placed in a room.


If you have sound on, you should hear the sound of a chainsaw whirring. Tap somewhere, and you'll get a description of what you tapped, as well as the first tutorial tip, explaining that you can tap to interact and slide left or right to turn. There are three objects in this corner of the room. The sofa, the closet, and the small refridgerator.

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Turn to your left. There are a few things here. Feel free to examine them, but they won't do anything for now. Turn left again. You will see a man with a mask, holding onto a chainsaw. If you tap the man now, you will die, but, you will gain some insight for yourself not necessary for completion. If you don't want to die now, don't tap on the man, and turn to the left. Assuming you did approach closer, the man will turn off the chainsaw, reach into the stomach of the person, pop up a tutorial tip explaining that you can tap the Back button or slide back to go back out, and then he'll kill you.

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You will see a few things. No matter what you try to select, nothing will happen.

Turn back right again, to look at the man. Your character will realize that he needs to escape. Turn left. Item 1: Pick up the knife. You will get a tutorial tip explaining you can go into your Item screen to select items, and then use them by tapping on some object. Start by going into your Item screen, selecting the knife, and then tapping on the knife's icon on the bottom.

Murder Room – FAQ/Walkthrough

Tap again on the knife to get a description of it. Jack is written in red, while King is written in blue. Leave the screen. If you try to escape through the window, you won't be able to since you're on the third floor, and yelling for help would endanger you. For now, just turn to the left. Tap on the closet, and you will see a combination lock. The two numbers on the left are bordered with red, while the two on the right are bordered with blue.

These stand for Jack and King, respectively. Jack is 11 one value over Ten , and King is Enter it, and open the closet. Examine the doll you see, and your character will say that it could be potentially useful. Examine the doll again to pick it up.

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Your character will say that it could distract the murderer, but you'd need some place to hide. Making sure you have your knife out because there's a bug here where if you only have your hand out, you can't hide sometimes , throw the doll out of the window, and hide under the table right in front of you.

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Don't tap on top, tap underneath. At this point, the only extra thing you can do now is read the newspaper clipping on top of the oven. Apparently, there are nine victims of the murderer named "The Butcher", and one of the victims were identified as a young teenager. You will get a flashback, explaining how one moment, you were in a car, and the next, in this room. At this point, turn right to the person on the operating table. Close in on her, and tap above her head with the knife to free her.