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Try not to go crazy with lots of different scents: work towards one "signature" smell that he can associate with you.


Act confident. Confidence is sexy to just about anyone. You don't have to actually be confident, but make him think that you are. Act confident by standing up straight, looking him and everyone else!

12 Ways To Win A Man’s Heart That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Sex | Thought Catalog

Help him feel free. A lot of the time, guys are reluctant to date because they worry that they'll lose their freedom or their identity because this is something that our society tends to teach. Show him he doesn't have to worry about that with you by helping him to feel free. Encourage and help him to pursue his dreams, help him set up fun activities with his friends, don't hog his free time, etc.

Be fun! When we look for someone that we really want to get serious with, we're looking for someone who makes our life better, right? So of course your guy is looking for someone who makes his life not necessarily exciting but at least fun. Be the source of fun in his life. Go on fun dates, encourage him to try new things, and join in and encourage his passions in life. Stay away from drama. You know the girl who constantly gossips, starts arguments and fights with other people, and generally complains and looks for flaws in everything? Don't be that.

Stay away from drama and definitely try to minimize the drama that he's exposed to.

Make him feel like a hero. Guys like to feel useful. They like to feel like they're your hero Let him help you with things from time to time. Ask for and take his advice with real or even just minor problems. He'll love the place that he has in your life because it will give him a sense of purpose that he might not feel anywhere or with anyone else. Be passionate. Find enjoyment in what you do and pursue things that are important to you. Enthusiasm and joy in life are catching, and we tend to look for and stay with people who help us feel those feelings, so be that person for him by loving your own life.

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Be you. Most importantly, you should be you. When we try to pretend to be someone else, eventually the mask begins to crack and who we really are shines through. Even if he would have loved you for who you are, he may be hurt and resentful that you lied to him and you'll lose him anyway. Honesty is the best policy! Make him something. Sometimes a nice gesture can help secure his feelings for you. One good option is to make him something yourself, from scratch.

Try to focus on things that he would actually like, not things that scream out "I'm only wearing this because a girl I like gave it to me". You can try making him an embossed leather cuff, a "beach boy" anklet, a sculpture he can put on his desk at home, or a keychain. Get him a signed copy of his favorite book.

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Find out his favorite book and track down a signed copy. You may even be able to get one signed just for him, if the author is still alive. This can be an incredibly meaningful gift, if the book is very important to him. Urge him to get weird. Create an environment in which he feels free to let loose by radiating warmth and openness and, of course, by being weird yourself.

Make him laugh. Tell a dumb joke or make a fool of yourself. Do whatever it takes!

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Laughter is the root of good memories. It also tends to make people feel better instantaneously. Cross an item off his To Do list.

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  • We all keep running lists of the irksome tasks we have to accomplish outside of school or work to function in the adult world. Sometimes, tackling a household chore or running an annoying errand is the best gift you can give a person. Cook for him. Because the old adage about winning a man over through his stomach is kind of true, and also because cooking can be extremely intimate. To cook for someone is to cater to one of their most basic human needs.


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    It requires hard work and careful thought. And if you curate the menu carefully, you can prove just how willing you are to place their personal tastes above your own. Make room for his friends. Ask about the people you know he holds dearest, and suggest group get-togethers so you can win his buddies over by impressing them with your awesomeness. Don't tell him merely that you love him, tell him why you love him. Another way to express your respect is to apologize when you've made a mistake or said something wrong.

    You and he must make the relationship more important than individual egos. When he knows you respect his character, he will let you in deeper, exposing other tender parts of his soul where he needs healing and support. The third thing to keep in mind when learning how to keep your man happy is his emotional health. By surrendering your anger, bitterness, or any resentment you have toward him, you give him safe passage to be vulnerable. This happens by you placing your trust in him. And then, he can trust you.

    You both allow yourself to be vulnerable and that helps a relationship work. But for this vulnerability to take off, women typically must be the initiators. Men are looking for someone to lead them into the vulnerable abyss. It is a woman's courage to open up and let down her guard that inspires men to lay down their psychological shields and relax. So how do you do this? Well, it helps by learning how men think. He has to know that you won't judge or criticize him. He needs to feel supported, accepted, and encouraged that you are on his side.

    He needs to know that you won't tell your friends or worse your mother about any mistakes he makes. He needs to know that you'll stand up for him when others say bad things about him. He needs to know that you'll confront any injustices or problems head-on. At the core of every man is challenge. Men grow through challenge. Challenge speaks to the part of their masculinity that innately makes them want to conquer and win.

    Challenge is the path men take to attain success, which ultimately makes them feel respected. In a nutshell, it really comes down to having a strong sense of your own values — knowing what is important to you and standing by it.

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    • This creates the challenge that strengthens the relationship. Another element of this challenge is being able to confront a man when you feel like those values are compromised. This may require you confronting him when you think he owes you an apology, rather than letting it fall by the wayside. When you can confront him, he'll find you incredibly attractive.